Wszelkiego rodzaju procesy montażowe


Quality Policy

The main goals of JKM Metal Sp. o.o.:

  • customer satisfaction
  • providing to our customers products consistens with the requirements 
  • continuous improvement of the Quality Management System
  • to prevent defects and continuous improvement of quality
  • upgrading skills and qualifications of our employees
  • optimization of manufacturing processes
  • business development, launching new products and processes

Implementation of the quality policy is based on a common awareness that the all employess are responsible for quality.

Environmental policy

We are aware of the influence of our company on the environment and that is why we aim to make our products, services and activities were environmentally friendly internal and external, and comply with the regulations of the Environmental Protection harmonious development of our company is associated with a systematic and planned reduction of environmental impact.

Knowing occurring at environmental aspects of our activities directed to:

  • prevention of extraordinary environmental threats
  • rational waste management
  • Monitoring of air emissions
  • constant improvement of working conditions.

Since 2013 our company has been certified ISO/ TS 16949.

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